A Winner's Mindset

Module synopsis

Your mindset determines your habits, your habits determine your behaviour, and your behaviour determine the life that you will have.

However you may define winning, your long-term success begins and depends on having the right mindset.

Discover the key smart habits and behaviours which differentiate the Top 1% from the remaining 99%.

And learn 6 steps to developing the growth mindset which drives these winning habits:
- Developing a big, meaningful purpose,
- Directing your thoughts,
- A commitment to developing good habits,
- Removing mental obstacles,
- Orienting towards action, and
- Committing to lifelong learning.

Module Outcomes

- Individuals who are highly motivated, who makes smart decisions with a long-term view and who have admirable attitudes and habits.

- Individuals who keep growing and improving, who are hungry and competitive in the right way.

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