Business Classics Study Retreat

Module synopsis

In a field of outstanding business books, two stand out as classics, packed with important revolutionary insights and approaches, and guaranteed to have an immediate positive impact on your business. ​

Jim Collins’ “Good To Great” answers the all-important business question: Why do some companies become truly great, while others remain only good? Why do great companies stumble and fall?​

“Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne has changed what competing means, and infused entrepreneurial-thinking into a generation of business leaders.​

Our Business Classics Study Retreat is an invitation for business leaders to leave their whirlwind behind, and come to a 2 or 3 day retreat in inspiring surroundings.​

1 month before the retreat (ideally earlier!), you will be gifted with these two books to read.​

During the retreat, our master trainer will both facilitate a deep discussion into the concepts and reflection on their meaning to your reality, as well as provide teaching and broader insights, to ensure that the concepts are well-embedded. ​

You will leave refreshed, inspired … and weaponized for business success!​

Module Outcomes

- A company that moves from just Good, to sustained Greatness, stocked with the right leadership and people.​

- The successful creation of new blue ocean markets for your business.

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