Smart Conflict Resolution

Module synopsis

For any dynamic team that is going for growth, conflicts are not only inevitable, they are a necessary part of the creative process towards game-changing revelations and revolutionary ideas.

As such, teams and leaders should not be looking to suppress or eliminate conflict, but rather to flip it from a negative, potentially damaging situation, to a positive event which will produce winning solutions for all parties involved, and valuable new gains for their organization.

In this module, participants will become aware of their conflict resolution style, learn techniques to move from negative to neutral, learn the strategies which work best for different types of conflict, and learn to find win-win-solutions in every situation.

Finding a win-win solution may sound easy, but the vast majority of the time, such solutions are “lazy compromises”, masquerading as wins.

Developing a true win-win often requires out-of-box thinking, multi-dimensional approaches, and creativity.

These are all soft skills which require awareness, learning and practice, which this module provides.

Module Outcomes

- Mutual respect and better relationships within the team and in the broader workplace.

​ - Increased productivity and innovation, as the team leverages discord and abrasion to generate fresh ideas and create winning new solutions.

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