Clear Thinking & Problem-Solving

Module synopsis

In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, organizations need to constantly innovate and upgrade,or risk falling behind.

This is true for each individual as well. The abilities to do complex Problem-Solving and Creative-Thinking are not only the most desired competencies for workers of the new age, they are key human skills which sets us apart and ahead of the machines which are increasingly taking over human jobs.

In the Clear Thinking part of this module, the audience reviews amazingly common examples of unclear thinking, learns the steps towards better thinking and starts to rewire their brains towards becoming a true clear and critical thinker.

In the second part of the module, they will learn 7 useful problem-solving tools and techniques to produce faster and more innovative results, including “teams-within-teams”, “reverse engineering”, “be contrary”, “choice architecture” and “layering”.

What were once problems will turn into gains for your organization!

Module Outcomes

-Individuals who are great at problem -solving.

-Individuals who use problem-solving as a competitive edge for their organisations to innovate and stay ahead.

- A smarter, more rational and open-minded workplace!

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