Entrepreneur Leadership

Module synopsis

21st century business-thinking has turned much of 20th century business-thinking on its head.

We thought that beating the competition was our goal, but we now know that a better goal is to create new markets and make our competition irrelevant. (“Blue Ocean Strategy”, Kim and Mauborgne, 2015).

We thought that innovating to meet our best customers’ needs would keep us ahead of the game, but we now know that this is just sustaining innovation, and we need to disrupt our bestsellers before our more agile competitors take our best customers away. (“The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen, 2016)​.

We thought that companies became great because they had superior products and strategy, but we now know that good companies transition to sustained greatness​ through Level 5 leadership, the right people, brutally clear-thinking, a simple winning concept and a culture of discipline. In other words, greatness comes from the soft stuff. (“Good To Great”, Jim Collins, 2001)​.

We thought that mistakes were bad and failure was shameful. We now know that setting ourselves up to fail fast and fail forward, is a hallmark of agility, and the best way to be a successful, serial innovator. (“The Lean Start-Up”, Eric Ries, 2011)​.

This module is a must for any company that wants to infuse sharpness, innovativeness and agility, into all levels of their organization, and learn how to create both the hard systems and the soft culture which delivers sustained innovation.

Module Outcomes

- A dynamic, agile and smart innovation culture!

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