Coaching and Mentoring

Module synopsis

Low staff motivation is a common complaint by companies. Even companies with good compensation, working conditions, and HR practices, will often complain of staff “just clocking in the hours”, and “not willing to go the extra mile”.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a well-accepted model of what human beings need, in order to feel happy and motivated. It follows that companies which are able to help their employees fulfill all 5 levels of need through their work, will have the most motivated and loyal of employees. ​

While good managers ensure that the Level 1, 2 and 3 needs of their team members are met, inspiring leaders focus more on their team members’ Level 4 and 5 needs, i.e. those which deal with their development and growth.

This module will show leaders how to become powerful coaches and inspiring mentors, who create huge motivation for team members through a focus on their Esteem (Level 4) and Self-Actualization (Level 5) needs.

Leaders will learn specific strategies for creating high motivation and accelerated learning, which will not cost a cent, but will have a profound uplifting impact on their team, and in perpetuating a strong culture of ownership and personal growth in their organizations.

Module Outcomes

- Accelerated learning and performance improvement amongst staff.​

- Heightened staff motivation, as mentors and mentees work on Self-Actualization and Esteem.

- The development of a deep bench of talented future leaders.​

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