Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Module synopsis

Negotiations are at the core of much of human interaction. Being a better negotiator will enable you to get more and get further in all aspects of your life.

In this part of the module, participants will learn Harvard’s Principles of Negotiation, experiment with them, and learn important preparation and trouble-shooting tactics to ensure negotiation success.

In the second part of the module, we add a complexity to the negotiations, which can throw principles and rationality out of the window, namely conflict!

For any dynamic team that is going for growth, not only are conflicts inevitable, they are a necessary part of the creative process towards game-changing revelations and revolutionary ideas.

As such, teams and leaders should not be looking to suppress conflict, but rather to flip them from a negative to a positive event, which will produce new value.

Participants will learn their conflict resolution style, learn techniques to handle and even leverage emotions, learn the strategies for different types of conflict, and learn to find positive and win-win-solutions in every conflict situation.

Module Outcomes

- Better, mutually beneficial outcomes to the countless interactions involving negotiations.

​ - Increased productivity and innovation, as the team leverages discord and abrasion to generate fresh ideas and create winning new solutions.

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