Clear Thinking & Problem-Solving

Module synopsis

According to the “Future of Jobs 2020” survey by the World Economic Forum, the top 3 skills employers will most prize in 2025 are Analytical-Thinking and Innovation, Active Learning and Complex Problem-Solving.

One of the key causes of poor problem-solving is human biases, hence this module starts with Developing Clear-Thinking. Participants review amazingly common examples of unclear thinking, and start to rewire their brains towards becoming a true clear and critical thinker.

This is followed by recognizing the right mindset to bring to problem- solving.

In the Problem-Solving part of the module, they learn the 7 Step Bulletproof Problem-Solving Process created by Charles Conn and Robert Mc Lean. They will be delighted by the new clarity that they will gain, as our trainer guides them on the practical application of these 7 steps, to their knottiest real work problems

Module Outcomes

-Individuals who are great at problem -solving.

-Individuals who use problem-solving as a competitive edge for their organizations to innovate and stay ahead.

- A smarter, more rational and more open-minded workplace!

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