Emotional Intelligence

Module synopsis

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered as important, or more important, than IQ in ensuring a person’s success. Studies have shown that the more senior a role, the more success in it depends on EQ, rather than IQ or hard skills.

Learn about the 5 components of emotional Inteligence such as:

- Self-awareness
- Self-regulation
- Motivation
- Empathy
- Social Skills

Then, improve your effectiveness at work by applying emotional intelligence in a range of common workplace situations such as

- Consoling / motivating a colleague
- Running productive discussions
- Pursuing change
- Team-bonding
- Handling an issue with clients or other teams
-Dealing with difficult people

...and find yourself enjoying your workplace a lot more as well!

Module Outcomes

-Individuals and teams who are real pleasures to work with, whether you are their colleague, superior, client or supplier.

-An organization that enjoys the advantages of operating within a network of warm bonds and plentiful goodwill.

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