Presentation & Facilitation

Module synopsis

For all of us who have sat cringingly through a poor presentation, or slept through a boring one, we know that good presentation skills help to bring good ideas and new ventures to life. When an audience is impressed with a presentation, usually within the first two minutes, they are far more likely to buy-in to its content.

The first part of our module teaches our audience about the features of strong, influential and memorable presentations and allows them to practice and hone these skills.

The second part of the module focuses on facilitation skills, with the aim that audience members should become comfortable with, and competent at, running engaging productive meetings and discussions back at their workplace.

Facilitator-run sessions are better managed, imbued with clear thinking through the use of smart tools and techniques, and enjoy good participation and buy-in. The more your team can play this facilitator role at meetings, discussions and workshops, the more productive, inclusive and innovative your business will be!

Module Outcomes

- Enhanced sales conversion and improved company reputation, as company representatives impress others .

- Improved ability within teams to cross-learn, problem-solve and ideate, through effective facilitation. .

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