Module synopsis

3 all-too-common shortcomings in strategic-planning:

i) Stagnant and sub-optimal Vision, Goals and Strategies to meet the challenges ahead.

ii) Tactics and KPIs which are misaligned to the strategy.

iii) No clear Game Plan to follow, leading to low employee belief in, and engagement with the plan

Professional strategic facilitation will help to address all these shortcomings in your strategic planning process.

Our expert facilitator will take participants through a smart process, designed to explore and reveal the answers to their most important questions.

Having a professional moderate your strategic-planning sessions will ensure that they are systematic, imbued with clear thinking, leverage smart techniques, deliver optimal outcomes, and enjoy good participation and buy-in throughout.

Module Outcomes

- A winning 5 year Strategic Plan, with clear and aligned annual goals.

- Smart and optimized Game Plans to ensure that the year’s strategic priorities are realized!

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