Coaching and Mentoring

Module synopsis

Low staff motivation is a common complaint by companies. Even companies with good compensation, working conditions, and HR practices, will often complain of staff “just clocking in the hours”.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model (below) shows what human beings need, in order to feel happy and motivated. While good managers ensure that the Level 1, 2 and 3 needs of their team members are met, inspiring leaders focus more on their team members’ Esteem needs (Level 4) and Self-Actualization needs (Level 5). By focusing on their development and growth, these leaders gain the highest engagement and motivation from their staff.

This module will impart coaching skills in 3 important scenario: Ad Hoc Check-Ins, Structured Continuous Coaching and Constructive Developmental Feedback. Each scenario carries a criticality to the growth of the coachee, which demands skillful execution of coaching by the coach.

We then learn about the difference between Coaches and Mentors, who make good candidates for mentors and mentees, and powerful mentoring practices which accelerate the mentee beyond the scope and timeframe of a typical coaching relationship.

The successful leader of the future is a good coach. The inspiring leader of the future is a powerful mentor!

Module Outcomes

- Accelerated learning and performance improvement amongst staff.​

- Heightened staff motivation, as they work on Self-Actualization and Esteem needs

- The development of a deep bench of talented future leaders.​

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