Day Trip Itineraries around Johor Bahru City & Desaru!

You can mix and match between itineraries, or view our games menu to choose from dozens of other options! Radiant will put all your choices together into an unforgettable day of concentrated team fun!

UTM Campus Adventures!

Paddle through the green, UTM campus on your electric-boosted bikes, in a bid to be the first team to find and complete all 8 challenges. Afterwards put your culinary skills to the test in our "Survival Masterchef" and conclude with Water Paintball , a crazy fun and literally “in your face” activity which is similar to paintball, without the paint!

JB History & Culture!

In the morning, compete in an exciting and enlightening historical fun hunt, based on Dr Helen Gray's JB Walking Tour guidebook. Your creativity and critical-thinking skills will certainly be needed! In the afternoon, learn the tips and techniques of cooking some of Johor's most beloved dishes, in a cooking class filled with fun and laughter!

Sungai Melayu & Iskandar Tour!

5 challenges are laid out on land, river and sea! Complete each challenge before getting the directions for the next one!  Collect Wild Cards and Bonus Points along the way, while overcoming unexpected Obstacles! In the afternoon, visit the highlights of the Iskandar region and finish with tea at the scenic Puteri Harbour.

Desaru Day-at-the-Beach!​

Enjoy a day of fun at the seaside, with team games like Pirate's Treasure Hunt, Beach Telematch and Pool Games, within the grounds of a comfortable resort.

Fort, Crocs and Fireflies!

Culture performance and challenge at the Old Johor Fort, fascinating reptiles at the crocodile farm, a sumptuous seafood dinner, and a serene night cruise to visit the wondrous firefly colonies of Sungai Tiram.

Fruit Farm & Waterpark!

Learn fascinating facts about tropical fruits and how they are grown, followed by a wild time and team challenges at one of the biggest water themeparks in the region.

Pulai to Kukup Nature Tour!

A tour for nature lovers guided by Radiant's science facilitators, first explore a mountain environment with waterfalls, forests and streams, then a vast estuary with mangroves and mudskippers. The seafood lunch at Kukup is not to be missed!

Create your own itinerary!

Fully customize your own itinerary and choose from our wide selection of games and activities that suit your preferences!

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