Meet The World Class Radiant Team!

Radiant Group's Co-Founders and Management

Dr. Faizal Ali, Chairman

Dr. Faizal Ali is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital and KPJ Puteri Hospital, amongst the largest private hospitals in Malaysia. He was previously the head of Plastic Surgery at Hospital UKM. Dr Faizal Ali is a graduate of the University of Bristol, UK and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Ms Hanis Harun, CEO

Ms Hanis Harun enjoyed a successful 18 year international corporate career with two global companies. She has headed teams and served clients in over 30 countries. Hanis is a sought after corporate trainer and her passion is to help prepare others to thrive in the global economy. She has an LL.B and an MBA from the University of Bristol, UK, and is a UK-trained facilitator.

Ms Hana Harun, COO

Ms Hana Harun heads operations for Radiant Retreats. She is an Imperial College of London graduate and was a talented project and team manager for 13 years with a large IT consultancy. Since joining Radiant Retreats, Hana's impeccable attention to detail and focus on customer service has helped us grow into a major camping and events provider.

Radiant Groups' Executives

Rakib, Senior Manager

Rakib is our expert in Forestry and is a Forestry graduate from University Putra Malaysia. He leads our facilitator team and is a talented coach and facilitator . As our earliest employee, Rakib has been instrumental to the success of Radiant.

Najwa, Manager

Najwa spearheads our operations team , upholding high standards to ensure the comfort and safety of all our participants. She is a University Putra Malaysia graduate in Forestry, and is one of our pioneer leaders.

Taufiq, Manager

Taufiq is a UPM graduate in Parks and Recreation. He is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to conquer mountains. He is also a talented teacher who advocates for soft skills development through outdoor experiences.

Nurul Fatihah,
Operation Specialist

Fatihah is a UPM Graduate in Parks & Recreation. She is a senior in our operations team, and is an expert at event management, no matter how complicated. Fatihah is also a creative videographer.

Rahim, Assistant Manager

Rahim is a passionate and cheerful advocate for turtle and marine conservation, and loves to teach kids about the marine environment. He graduated from University Malaysia Terengganu with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.

Amin, Assistant Manager

Amin is a Sports Science graduate from UITM and is an outdoor enthusiast. He has solid experience in climbing and whitewater, is a creative games master, and is a keen teacher of survival skills to kids of all ages.

Akiff, Assistant Manager

Akiff is an outdoor enthusiast, and a skilled kayak athlete. His background in corporate, training, and artistic productions, add to the diverse and valuable skillset which Akiff brings to the Radiant Team. He is a graduate in English Literature from UPM.

Iman, Assistant Manager

Iman is an outdoor recreation graduate and specializes in sustainable tourism. A very passionate, energetic and nature-lover person. With his positive and easygoing attitude, it's a great addition to Radiant team.

Lulu, Senior Facilitator

Luqman, better known as Lulu, adores the forest. His energy, passion for the outdoors and fun-loving nature makes him an excellent facilitator. Lulu is a graduate in mechanical engineering from Uniten.

Nazmi, Senior Facilitator

Nazmi is a native of Janda Baik and knows this region thoroughly. He puts his passion for farming and wilderness skills to great use at our school programmers. Nazmi is a highly professional and caring facilitator, and is our environmental protection champion forJanda Baik.

Eim, Senior Facilitator

Eim is a Marine Science graduate from UMS who particularly enjoys conducting nature interpretation for all ages, especially related to marine. He is a cheerful and caring facilitator, who brings out the best in participants. Eim also has a passion for activities involving service to the community.

Jai, Facilitator

He is young,fit and energetic. He is a graduate in Tourism and Hospitality at Politeknik Muadzam Shah,Pahang. His passion is towards nature,outdoor activities. His cheerful attitudes makes people around him feel comfortable and welcomed at the same time

Diyan, Facilitator

Diyan graduated in Social Science (History) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His very energetic person and love to do an outdoor activities. He is a cheerful, caring & happy go lucky person with people around for all ages.

Irfan, Facilitator

Irfan is a great facilitator, graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia.He is passionate in running all sort of programs, from academic events to corporate workshops, and he has a natural ability to keep everyone engaged, regardless of their age or background.

Haikal, Facilitator

Haikal has a strong passion in teaching, with a keen eye in outdoors and travelling. He loves to encourage students as they learn new things and get involved in the activities we offer. He graduated from University Putra Malaysia in Bachelor of Park and Recreation. His sense humors always bringing people together.

Irfandi, Facilitator

Irfandi graduated from UUM with a Bachelor's degree in Event Management. His expertise in this field has been invaluable to Radiant facilitators, thanks to his meticulous planning when leading programs. His MCing talent and charismatic facilitation always leave a lasting impression on all program participants!

Aqil, Assistant Facilitator

Aqil is young, fit, and energetic. He is a graduate of Tourism and Hospitality from Politeknik Muadzam Shah, Pahang. His passion is for nature and outdoor activities. His happy-go-lucky attitude makes him loved by school kids!

Atul, Facilitator

Atul, a dedicated female facilitator with a background in the Navy. Her passion for working with kids shines through as she leads outdoor adventures. Her active, cheerful spirit is sure to make every experience unforgettable. Graduated from University Malaya, she is the only female facilitator!

Atikah, Assistant Manager (Educator)

Atikah leads our team of educators, and is an exemplary and engaging educator herself. She absolutely loves helping kids better understand this world that we live in. She holds a degree in Geology from the University of Malaya.

Hanafiah, Senior Educator

Hanafiah is a Biology graduate from UITM and has a passion for teaching science, especially if it’s hands-on and practical. He had 5 years of experience facilitating science learning at Petrosains, KLCC as a volunteer, before joining the Radiant Team

Farah, Senior Educator (Environmental & Conservation Lead)

She is a Geography BSc graduate from the University of Bristol. Farah is passionate in environmental conservation and management. She has led sea turtles and coral reefs conservation projects in the Perhentian Islands, Terengganu.

Juhan, Educator

Juhan is an Interpersonal Communication graduate from UiTM Shah Alam and has a passion in educating the participants Mental Wellness & Emotional Intelligence. He is very keen to consult and Accommodate not just participants but his team members to bring out the best from each and every one with great level of gratitude and empathy.

Aida, Senior Operation Executive

Aida is our expert on all activities in Janda Baik, and creates awesome experiences and collaborations for the benefit of our guests. Aida is a graduate in Bachelor of Park and Recreation Science from University Putra Malaysia.

Dila, Senior Operation Executive

Fadhilah is a graduate of UPM, and is exceptional at managing our guests and facilities. Her dedication, clever problem-solving and high standards, earns her constant praise.. Fadhilah has a passion for wellness and beauty which perfectly suits our natural environment, and infuses her work.

Dee, Operation Executive

Dee‘s passion istourism, and seeing delighted smiles on our visitors’ facesis her favourite reward. She is a highly professional customer service executive, who takes pride in crafting the perfect experiences for guests. Fadhilah has a Bachelor in Tourism Management from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

Adel, Operation Executive

Adel is a highly personable operations executive who takes pride in providing high quality programmer operations. Her attention to take care for our clients, is simply exemplary. Adel is graduated from University Malaysia of Terengganu in Bachelor Tourism Management.

Ilya, Assistant Operation

Ilya is the operation executive at Radiant. She graduated in Business Information System at Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah. Ilya specializes in website development and maintenance. She has strong demonstrated skills in handling Radiant’s official website and improving the business traffic.

Nurul, Operation Executive

Nurul is a ray of sunshine, always sporting a cheerful smile that brightens everyone's day. She excels in hospitality, contributing her warm and welcoming demeanor to the Radiant team. With a degree in Science of Park and Recreation from UPM, she combines her passion for people and her educational background to create memorable experiences.

Ridhwan, Operation Executive

Ridhwan, the sharp-dressed marketer for Radiant, who defies expectations with his serious exterior and happy-go-lucky personality. A proud graduate of USIM with a degree in New Media Communication, he brings a unique blend of professionalism, creativity and positivity to every project.

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