Module synopsis

The first part of this module is an eye-opener for business leaders, highlighting the many synergistic opportunities for value co-creation with stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, and others.

We then zoom into Customer Centricity, the culture and practice of putting your customer at the core of your business, and providing them with the best experience at all touchpoints. Doing this well and sustainably requires synergistic leadership which leverages and aligns all stakeholders.

Finally, business leaders who are good negotiators bring great advantages to their organizations in all synergistic endeavors. In this part of the module, participants will learn Harvard’s Principles of Negotiation, experiment with them, and learn important preparation and trouble-shooting tactics for negotiation success. 

Module Content

- Co-Creation Opportunities with Stakeholders
- Building a Customer Centric Organization
- Basic Principles of Negotiation
- Trouble-shooting and Tips for Negotiations.


- Successful innovations which come from smart synergy between important stakeholders.
- An organization that keeps its customers at its heart, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and customer lifetime value..
- Better, mutually beneficial outcomes to critical negotiations.

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