Succeeding in Industry 4.0

Module synopsis

Since the 1700s, humankind has undergone 3 industrial revolutions: Mechanisation, Mass Production and Digital. These revolutions have empowered billions of people, and raised living standards for all humankind. ​

We are now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), an era in which innovation accelerates at a dizzying speed, much of it driven by globally connected, intelligent, learning machines. ​

Whole economies, industries and professions will be fundamentally affected and forever altered. We are entering a time of great promise and great peril!

Companies and workers who are able to transform to meet the challenges, and become the creative masters of technology, will be able to reap the previously unimaginable benefits of technological advancements, to our work and lives.

While those who are slow to change will find themselves competing at increasingly cheaper price-points and salaries, and then obsolete.

This module examines how Industry 4.0 changes our lives and workplace, and identifies the hard and soft changes that we need to make to ourselves, our teams and our organizations, to survive and thrive in this new landscape

Module Outcomes

- Survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Or become obsolete.​

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