A Leadership and Talent Development Periodical by the Radiant Group

the leadership mindset

Articles in Radiate Volume #1
1. The Psychological Safety of Flat Teams
2. Great Teams are Great By Design
3. Learning It Vs Landing It
4. Diversity Creates Sharp Teams
5. Not Bad Apples but Weak Links
6. Clarity and Compassion

persuasion power-ups

Articles in Radiate Volume #2
1. The Art of Persuasion
2. Persuasion Power-Up #1: Recovering Trust
3. Persuasion Power-Up #2: Discerning Motivations
4. Persuasion Power-Up #3: Moving Emotions
5. Persuasion Power-Up #4: Owning Your Narrative
6. Persuasion Power-Up #5: Strategic Calls To Action

a winner's mindset

Articles in Radiate Volume #3
1. Your Single Most Important Project
2. Feeding Our Subconscious for Health and Resilience
3. 5 Tactics For Acquiring a New Habit.
4. Our Positive Circle of Influence
5. 7 Type of People We Need More Of In Our Lives
6. Fail Fast and Fail Often…. But Fail Smart!

executional excellence & coaching

Articles in Radiate Volume #4
1. Creating More Accountability in Our Organization
2. Lead Measures: The Path from KPIs to Good Outcomes
3. The Project Awards and Graveyard
4. The Successful Leader of the Future is a Great Coach
5. 10 Truths about Giving and Receiving Feedback


Articles in Radiate Volume #5
1. A Problem Well-Defined Is A Problem Half-Solved
2. Disaggregating a Problem Systematically
3. Solving a Problem at the Root
4. Crisis Management: Keep the Chaos Under Control
5. Turning Problems Into Assets
6. Innovating Through Constraints (Creative Problem-Solving)

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