Module synopsis

In many organizations, it is common for the top leadership to share the Key Business Goals and Strategic Pillars with their middle management level, and expect them to craft the correct detailed strategies to turn these goals into tangible results.

Big expectations like these should come with proper up-skilling of the strategic-thinking, strategy formation, strategy implementation, and narrative capabilities of People Managers.

This module delivers this up-skilling and also trains People Managers on the creation of strong Game Plans to align and move their strategies forward with their people.  

Module Content

- Traits of a Strategic-Thinker
- Strategy Formulation: Intent, Discovery, Analysis, Creation
- Strategy Implementation: Planning, Execution
- Strategic Communication
- Effective Game Planning

benefits of the organization

- Better strategies created and executed at the 7 important junctures of business endeavors.
- Improved business results against key goals.
- A smart and strategic mindset across teams.

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