Day Trip Itineraries in Janda Baik!

You can mix and match between itineraries, or view our games menu to choose from dozens of other options! Radiant will put all your choices together into an unforgettable day of concentrated team fun!

Action Theme

Masterchef Mayhem

Masterchef Mayhem is a day out in Janda Baik, Pahang that revolves around cooking and eating! Starting with a rib-tickling, food-themed telematch to earn points, your team then spends them wisely at The Auction, to buy what you need for the Cook-Out. The winning team is selected based on variety of dishes, taste and presentation, which can be as elaborate as your imagination will stretch. With all the fun and food, there simply are no losers!


Treasure Quest!

Leave your work issues behind to become treasure hunters for the day, in Janda Baik, Pahang! The Sungai Benus Fun Hunt starts with a gentle river trek, then a competitive scavenger hunt which will determine how much time your team gets to search for the Good Widow’s Treasure. The Clue Games are a series of strategy games and giant puzzles, which earns your team valuable clues. After that, it’s a mad dash to be the first to claim the Good Widow’s Treasure. It will be worth it!!


Bouncy Park!

Compete in the whacky Bouncy Olympics, with games such as the Sausage Relay and Bumper Soccer! Conquer your opponents at the Bouncy War Games, in tournaments such as Combat Archery and Joust! Sprint to win the Bouncy Amazing Race, with whacky challenges like the Hungry Snakes and Bic Bac Boe Bounce! Strategize to gain the most points, and lose the least points at the Bouncy Explorace, with challenge stations such as Dare The Wall and Giant Catapault! Radiant’s Bouncy Park @ Cherengin is a crazy, unforgettable, team-building experience that will take your collaboration to the maximum!


Jungle Adventure!

Bring your team out to Janda Baik, Pahang on an exhilarating Jungle Adventure! Start the day with exhilarating team-games and giant puzzles at our Radiant Site A or B. Then hike through a pristine forest to explore and enjoy the impressive Ulu Tampit Waterfalls. Falling in 7 tiers between majestic trees, each level is a beauty. Chill in the cool pool waters and under the falls, and test your team’s ingenuity at river fishing!


Kampung Wars!

Kampung Wars is a day of laughter-filled frolics around the cool highlands of Janda Baik, Pahang. The day starts with exciting Combat Archery, on our purpose designed course. There are many exciting strategic missions to choose from. The battle continues with Carok Wars, a water war involving rafts and kayaks. This is a great chance for your team to let their hair down, and enjoy some healthy competition in the highlands!


Party Theme

Rustic Farm BBQ!

Team Outing with Country Theme


e.g. Farmer, Scarecrow, Cowboy

Garden Gala!

Team Outing with Glamour Theme


e.g. Masquerade / Gatsby / Hollywood

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