Customer Centricity

Module synopsis

As the competitive landscape flattens out in terms of product differentiation and cost differentiation, the one area where companies can standout and win, is in Service.

Customer Centricity is the culture and practice of putting your customer at the core of your business, and providing them with the best experience at all touchpoints.

This culture and its related practices, should prevail amongst both those with external customers, as well as those with internal customers only, and amongst both B2C as well as B2B relationships.

In the first part of the module, we look at 9 powerful practices of successful service-focused companies from diverse industries, to consistently achieve high customer satisfaction.

We then explore 5 real examples of guerilla servicing; simple, fast and cost-effective examples of winning over your customers.

Module Outcomes

- New practices to enhance customer loyalty, repeat sales and customer spend / lifetime value

- The development of a healthy, holistic and lasting culture of great service across your organization.

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