Module synopsis

Once an employee becomes a People Manager, their success is judged on the success of their people. It is often assumed that they know how to enable the success of others when actually, most need to learn new skills for managing work performance, relationships, and people development.

Additionally, a big part of enabling success will involve leading teams in solving Complex Problems and generating new ideas to identify new sources of success.

Module Content

- Skills for Managing Work Performance, Relationships and People Development.
- 7 Step Bulletproof Problem-Solving (Conn & McLean).
- Problem-Solving Practice.
- 7 Creative Ideation Techniques.
- Creative Ideation Practice.

benefits of the organization

- Effective and suitable team management practices amongst people managers.
- Teams that are effective at solving complex problems, and preventing them from recurring.
- Teams that create new value for the organization through smart ideation.

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