Module synopsis

No matter how good your vision and strategy, the quality of your team’s execution will determine whether initiatives succeed or fail. Developing strong and smart execution skills within your teams must be a priority!

Participants will be introduced to the Franklin Covey Institute’s 4 Disciplines of Execution, a model used successfully by thousands of companies.

Using their real work priorities, they will learn how to zoom in on wildly important goals, identify leading indicators which predict success, and learn how to create firm yet engaging accountability to these goals.

As we move further into Industry 4th Industrial Revolution, companies’ key initiatives will increasingly involve massive changes for themselves, their clients and their stakeholders.

In the 2nd part of this module, participants will learn the 8 stages of Kotter’s Theory for Change Management and how to apply them within their own context:

- Build the change team
- Form a strategic vision
- Communicate the vision
- Remove barriers to change
- Create a sense of urgency
- Focus on short-term wins
- Maintain momentum
- Institute change

Module Outcomes

- Significantly more project successes, creating valuable competitive edge.

- Success at advocating for and executing big changes in their organization.

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