GEMS Programmes!

Activity synopsis

Located at the gorgeous Garden Farms by Radiant, choose from 1 of 4 programme types, which leverage our pretty gardens and farm showcases.

GEMS Creative Hunt ~ Creativity is a key skill for the future. This fun competition will require creative on many levels, including photography, design, décor, presentation and more!

GEMS Activity Tour ~ Enjoy an informative tour, fun activities and make your souvenir herb / succulent garden to bring home. Don’t forget your killer poses for IG!

GEMS Masterchef ~ Our unique Masterchef team competition challenges you to forage, catch, harvest and cook-up an amazing meal, straight from the land. Beware the mystery interventions

Cook with GEMS ~ Lots of laughs with the GEMS Team, as you try out their favourite self-taught recipes, using the ingredients from their beloved Garden Farms. Always cooked with love and laughs!

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