Radiant Leadership Camps


Radiant’s Leadership Camps are about Character-Building, Leadership-Development and Competency Growth and are a hugely enriching and thought-provoking experience.

Students learn a large array of soft skills which are as important as academics, in securing their future success.

These skills include Smart Conflict Resolution, The Art of Clear Thinking, Problem-Solving Techniques, Self-Leadership, Team Leadership, Effective Coaching, The Art of Persuasion, Organization Skills, Communication Skills and many others.

Supervised by the Radiant Group’s corporate training unit, these leadership camps cover conceptual frameworks, fun mini-projects to deliver the moments of truth, and reflection, sharing and journaling sessions afterwards, for retention and impact.

Leadership Camps can also be implemented at schools, or broken up into sections and tagged on to different Nature Camps or Service-Learning Camps.

Many schools are also utilizing our Leadership Camps for annual prefects camps and Form 6 camps, with great results!

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