Leading Innovation and Change

Module synopsis

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a time of both fast-paced development and disruptive changes. Organizations need to be able to both evolve and adapt their core business with smart and sustaining innovations, as well as deliver breakthrough disruptive innovations which secure their future over the longer term. 

Accordingly, Business Leaders of this era, often dubbed the Ideas Economy, must create a dynamic innovation culture that successfully sparks, incubates, and realizes innovations. They must also be able to successfully shepherd the organization through the big changes which winning through innovation will often entail.


- Key challenges and opportunities of 4IR. Understanding Sustaining Vs Disruptive Innovation.
- Best Practices of Innovative Companies. - 8 Step Change Management Process (Kotter).
- Facilitation Skills for Business Leaders.

benefits to the organization

- Core businesses that stay fresh and relevant through changing times.
- New horizon innovations which create new value, and secure the future of the company.
- An organization that is agile and adaptive.

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