Day Trip Itineraries in Melaka!

You can mix and match between itineraries, or view our games menu to choose from dozens of other options! Radiant will put all your choices together into an unforgettable day of concentrated team fun!

Taman Botani Escapade!

A day for Wars and Warriors in the lush rainforest of Taman Botani Melaka. In the morning, vanquish your opponents over the course of 3 battles, and in the afternoon, vanquish your fears by conquering the Skytrex high ropes courses!

Orchard Escapade!

Taking place at the beautiful Orchard Wellness Resort, have great fun competing with other teams at the Orchard Explorace, and the Wet & Dry Telematch. Finish the day with quality time at the spa pools, jacuzzi, sauna or mini-cinema. The wholesome meals at Orchard Wellness is also worth travelling for!

Create your own itinerary!

Fully customize your own itinerary and choose from our wide selection of games and activities that suit your preferences!

Then, call us for a quotation!

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