Melaka School Camps Activity Menu

- Skytrex High Elements Challenge
- 1001 Adventures (older kids) or Melaka Zoo (younger kids)
- Melaka Historical Fun Hunt
- Melaka River Cruise
- Jonker Street visit
- Baba Nyonya Museum Visit.
- Rainforest Discovery Walk

- Gua Batu Maloi Caving
- Learning and Volunteering at Kemunting Turtle Sanctuary
- Choice of Activities at Resort, e.g. Pool Games, Team-Building Games, Whacky Sports, Treasure Hunts
- Choice of Indoor Activities, e.g. Dance, Talent Show, Strategy Games, Creative Games, Fun Party Games etc.

Estimated price for min. 40 pax:
RM890 for 3D2N.
Excludes transportation.

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