Simple, Money-saving home appliance repairs

These days, people are much more careful with their spending. The days of simply throwing away faulty home appliances should be long gone. So are the days of calling-in technicians for several hundred RM, for a simple fix that you could have done yourself, if only you had some knowlegde!

This workshop will help you to trouble-shoot the sources of issues with appliances, decide if you can fix them yourself, and teach you how to do it safely. At least, if you still have to pay a technician, you will be a well-informed customer!

Register now to save yourself money and inconvenience – you could make these fees back from your very first fix!


theory; 4 hours online





- Assessing your options: When to DIY, and when to leave it to the experts.
- Practices for safe home appliance repairs.
- Anatomy and trouble-shooting for toaster and standing fan.

Anatomy and trouble-shooting for washing machine, aircond and refrigerator.

practical; 8 hours in-person class


9:00am- 1:00pm

1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

2.00 pm - 5.00 pm


- Practice servicing and repairing toaster.
- Practice servicing and repairing standing fan.
- Practice servicing and repairing washing machine.


- Practice servicing and repairing air-conditioning.
- Practice servicing and repairing refrigerator.



School Of Skills (SOS) is an educational institution that promotes vocational and technical learning.

- OVER 100+ students ARE currently pursuing diplomas at SOS.
- Over 100 students graduate in different fields with diplomas yearly.
- Accreditation by West College Scotland and City & Guilds.

statement of safety

We are committed to implementing all sanitization and social distancing guidelines as advised by the Ministry of Health, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. our space u8 workshop is 4,900 sq ft of space, for just 17 students at one time.

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