Module synopsis

We are now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), an era in which innovation accelerates at a dizzying speed, much of it driven by globally connected, intelligent, learning machines.

Whole industries and professions will be fundamentally affected and forever altered. This is a time of great promise for companies and talent able to evolve, and great peril for those still applying 3IR thinking.

In this new era, often dubbed the Ideas Economy, the ability to come up with relevant ideas, and to turn them into value ahead of your competition, is the main driver of success for organizations, and the true measure of the value that a talent brings.

In the first part of this module, understand the features and impact of 4IR on industry and society, and on your organization and your role specifically. Recognize the new success factors moving forwards.

In the second part of this module, learn 7 ideation techniques, and experiment with them to produce relevant, novel and disruptive solutions.

In the final part, understand how successful entrepreneurs and organizations incubate and bring ideas rapidly to market, and learn how to create this smart innovation culture in your own organization.

Module Outcomes

- Clear understanding of the opportunities and threats of 4IR.
- Learn practical techniques for powerful ideation.
- Learn how to rapidly turn ideas into a competitive business edge.

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