Module synopsis

There are truths about teams that gain more importance today, as the world faces the new digital age. The radical collaboration that works for this new age includes candour, positive conflict, differentiation, diversity, flatness, and agility.

Additionally, the successful leader of the future is a good coach, able to draw energy, ideas, creativity, and mutual learning from the people that they lead. 

Great people managers will also be able to align and excite their team on a unified mission, through tools like the Team Charter

module content

- Radical Collaboration: Truths and Traits of Great Teams.
- A Team Charter for a Team Mission.
- Skills for important Coaching situations.
- Skills for Crucial Conversation scenarios.
- How to be a Champion of Learning for others.


- Improved team traits around Culture, Clarity, Competence, and attitude towards Change.
- Team members who are self-aware and growing, with great relationships with their managers and peers.
- Heightened team performance and alignment.

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