The Art Of Persuasion

Module synopsis

"The ability to persuade is the most important skill for reaching one's greatest potential." - Napolean Hill

The Art of Persuasion has powerful application for organizations in many areas, including accelerating sales, building strong customer relationships, and developing synergies internally and externally.

Organizations composed of effective persuaders, have the seemingly magical quality of getting everything that they want, and pulling in opportunity.

In fact, it’s not magic at all. It’s influence!

In this session, participants will understand that being a top persuader means having high ability to influence others over the long term.

They will hone the core Persuasion Skills of:
-Understanding how people think
-Establishing Rapport and Trust.
-Making a powerful argument.
-Motivating people into action.

Module Outcomes

- Better ability to influence internal and external stakeholders to desired outcomes.

-Heightened synergy and collaboration across teams.

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